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Saraki’s Breakfast with the devil, Dinner In Hell

Written by Micheal Adeniyi on 21 September 2015.

Saraki has dined with the devil, with a short spoon as President Buhari’s Anti corruption fight caught up with his attrocities. How doth a man become an enemy unto himself, a man respected in its nation, a maker of the law dragged to court for breaking the law, he wept in his heart, among all his atrocities none could elude him, Karma is wicked Nigeria have gotten a change to its indiscipline and Saraki was found corrupt, he has no rest at all, His devils will not stop worrying him and they are in three categories.



The first are some of his close fellow Senators (including that loud mouth Dinosaur from Kogi state), who continue to egg him on to grandstand


2. Many PDP members and sympathisers. Not because they love Saraki but as long as Buhari would be rubbished or lampooned in the internecine war of political attrition within the APC, with the hope that APC would be weakened in the process.


3. The third group are some sections of the media and some lawyers.


Both groups itched together for pecuniary gains, have latched up with Saraki, they are the devils he took breakfast with after being brought into the light, truth and the way of a corruption free regime, he dined with them with a short spoon.


These are the three sets of people that would sink Saraki, though they claim to love him. Some of these people might have advised Saraki not to appear at the CCT sitting the same way they advices him to take a deputy from the party the whole nation rejected. Now, we shall see the consequences.


What does it take for him to appear in court where he would be given bail in his personal recognisance, particularly since he knows that he has no immunity even as Senate president? That would have saved him all these embarrassment an only If his present travail has the president’s imprimatur, then he is in for a nice dinner a long night in hell, Late MKO Abiola is an insight, it was a wrong move for Bashorun MKO Abiola to have rejected the “arrangee” conditional bail contrived for him by the Abacha government on August 5, 1994.


Based on advice from some of NADECO friends, Abiola rejected the bail because of the conditions attached to it. If Abiola had accepted that conditional bail, he would not have died in detention. And some of those who advised him not to accept the bail conditions are still alive today, even done 360 degrees from the ideals for which Abiola died.


The first day Abiola was arrested, bubbling with confidence, he told an associate that he could not spend two days in detention, that America and his western allies would not make it possible. But it was the same American friends that poisoned his tea. Such is life.


So, Saraki would be the eventual loser if he gets sucked in by these so-called friends but who in actual fact, are his enemies, he would have a nice dinner in hell, an unending dinner, his Breakfast with this devil with a short spoon will get him to in hell.




Micheal Adeniyi

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