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Our change has been hijacked! Time to start the fight all over again!

Written by Micheal Adeniyi on 09 July 2015.

Integrity is not enough! Our change has been hijacked! Time to start the fight all over again!, o yes! marauders have entered into the APC we vested our strenght into to make a change, the kind of change we all wanted,We kicked out PDP who are blessed with educated politician who are like fine Art teacher with ugly writing, to start with I would want to say a few thank you to all those who voted for change, A big thank you to all agent of change, including the man of change President Buhari. 


As a clicktivist I criticize the government i love, and i speak scary truth without sentiment, Yes we voted for one certain thing CHANGE but as things are going now, the revearse is the case just because there are corrupt PDP virus ejected into the party through the magalicious merger my the APC which is widely spreading throughout the party system, The merged power drunk party members have taken over the party structure and the demons are reallg sucking off the passion of change of the progressives, I don't really know why a stranger would come and take a total structure of a political party, imagine the father of the change party Asiwaju Tinubu and the Pendulum political virus Atiku Abubakar fighting for BoT Board chairmanship, a seat that should be automatic to Tinubu.

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Take Atiku Abubakar, for example. Yesterday he was PDP; today he is ACN. Tomorrow he is PDP again; the day after he is APC. Only God knows what he will be in the future.Under normal circumstances, if one of the arch-enemies of your party decides to cross over and join you, you would be wise to be suspicious of him. He could easily be an intruding virus. He might be joining you in order to gather inside-information about you and hand it over to the other side. Therefore, you might not be inclined to accept him into your ranks. Or if you did, you would make sure he is excluded from the main organs of your party.Not so in Nigeria. A PDP member joins the APC and he immediately takes over the party’s political machinery in his state; no questions asked. Didn’t segun oni stole ACN mandate in Ekiti state?.


This kind of conclusion has been proven rightly The first one was when some PDP Governors who had been excoriated members of the PDP, decided to cross over to the APC. The second was when the APC invited former V.P Atiku of all people to join their race to Aso Rock and total take over of the country political structure till when members of the APC also started migrating back to the PDP. And now these pendulum movement continues.APC is now the playing ground for policians who felt cheated, unpopular, or must-rule spirited individual, who only wants to get to power by all means, according to current statistic the major progressive who formed the party with a heart of progression have lost their vision to a treacherous merger, a magalicious politic.


Time to bring back the glory of the party, this same guys are playing a great SOP for the fall of the party come 2019, they have started to advise the President wrongly, Such as; Nigeria's current political appointment trends:A dare to Testing regional power come 2019, They make the president feel that the north who voted for him 3 time without winning are the ones who got him into power this time around A better way for PDP to win 2019 with the help of other regions, as Atiku have planned to become PDP flagbearer come 2019, he is ready to involve all region by weaknening the current dispensation with a one way political appointments.


Baba Buhari told us to relax and watch, time to know if slow motion is better than no motion, I think so, but a word to heroes of change. Get rid of all commotions.


By Micheal Adeniyi


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